Lullabies for Grownups ~ Stars

~ Lullabies for Grownups ~ Stars ~

Stars by Kate Kohler is the work of a composer and pianist working in a perfect balance of passion and craft.

There's a mathematical precision to the execution of this song cycle that evokes vast and beautiful inner moods.

The themes and strucutures capture the spiritual and scientific wonder of gazing heavenward from the earth.

Angle, light, color, and distance are conveyed with a technical finesse that touches grace.

Be light.


Make a wish.

This is music you can breathe.

· Greg Owens, Writer/Performer

From the moment I listen to Kate’s music I feel inspired and uplifted. What a gift for a mother and her baby to hear as they start a new life together.
· Gilli Stuppel, Acupuncturist & Childbirth Doula

We never outgrow our need for lullabies – those soothing melodies that calm our spirits and restore our souls. Kate Kohler’s original compositions feed the need. Like other Montana piano artists, such as Philip Aaberg and George Winston, Kate paints images with musical notes. You will find serene and tranquil scenes presented in this wonderful collection. 
· David Burt, District Superintendent, United Methodist Church

Kate’s ‘Stars’ airdropped us into our favorite mountain spring meadow with wild flowers, waterfall mist, and breezes. We sit next to each other by the fire, our souls connect. Life is vivid, luminous, and exquisite serenity is revealed.
·Anna-Pia & John Hubacher, Pantheon Research


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